Nationwide Dog Sales

Our Threat Elimination Dog Sales program was created to provide peace of mind to families and individuals through the use of trained dogs. We believe the concept of an “attack dog” is something antiquated and dangerous that serves no purpose in today’s society. At Proving Ground Kennels we place the utmost emphasis into the versatility of our dogs, ensuring that every single dog that comes out of our kennel goes through an extended period of socialization with all the components of the modern family including young children and small dogs. We believe a true protection dog is one that can safely and respectfully interact with the whole family while being able to eliminate a threat with extreme efficiency. Every dog from our Threat Elimination program is fully custom-trained to fit the needs of their respective owners, this allows us to create scenarios that address the personal needs of every individual. We ship our dogs nationwide and a detailed handler’s class is available to every new handler, contact us in order to receive more information regarding the most specialized dogs in the market today.