Dog Training (Phoenix, AZ)


Certified K9 Instructor

Dog Training, Phoenix AZ.

Felix Pachon is a Certified K9 Instructor with specialization in the areas of professional obedience training, behavior modification, scent-detection, personal protection and man trailing. Felix started his journey in dog training at the age of 13 in Colombia where him and his Rough Collie “Tracker” competed in local obedience trials, eventually competing against professional trainers and defeating them in competition. Upon relocating to the United States at the age of 15 Felix developed a serious interest in more advanced concepts of dog training. This lead him to acquire his first working dog whom he trained for the sport of Schutzhund, this enhanced his passion for the way dogs behaved and the unique interaction that each handler has with their dog on the field. In his early twenties Felix made the decision to go from amateur to professional which lead him to attend Tarheel Canine Training in Sanford, NC in order to earn his certification as a Police K-9 Instructor. Upon completion of his studies Felix returned to Arizona where he started Proving Ground Kennels Dog Training. Since then Felix has worked with numerous obedience, behavior modification, and personal protection clients in the Phoenix metropolitan area. He has also assisted local law enforcement as well as military working dog programs in the training and development of their dogs and decoys. Felix’s main priority is to utilize the most modern dog training concepts and techniques for the betterment of the human-dog interaction while proactively working to improve a person’s quality of life through the use of trained dogs.